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    What's the idea here?

    UNLIKENESS is a collaborative photography project about choice and ownership, taking and giving, power and value. From a simple agreement prior to recording the image: YOU like it – YOU keep it; YOU don’t – I do emerge portraits with destinies predicated by the relationship between photographer, sitter and self-image.

    Where is it?

    The majority of project shoots so far have been at street markets or parks in East London, Broadway Market and Columbia Road Market in particular. The project is always outdoors and preferably in an environment where people go to relax and come with some time to spend. If you have a great location to perform unlikeness in, please email me.

    When is it on?

    Generally during weekends, mostly depending on the weather.

    Why the name?

    Unliked. Un-a-like. Unlikely.

    How do I participate?

    The sitter needs to fill out an 'action card' with name, email address and date. Once we’ve introduced each other I take a few photographs and then choose one photograph to be printed immediately on a high quality mobile printer. I hand the print to the sitter and ask "Do you like yourself in this image?"

    What happens to the LIKED portraits?

    No other prints will ever be made of the LIKED image. It belongs to the sitter and he/she can do with it whatever seems right. I encourage everyone to take another picture of the portrait image a week later in its new 'home' and email it back to me.

    What happens to the UNLIKED portraits?

    The portrait image may be re-printed and become part of an exhibition, publication or promotional purpose connected to the project.

    Why don't you take money for this?

    This is a not-for-money project. "Profit" doesn't even come into the equation. I believe this is very important to keep both me and the sitter free to give. If I took money, an expectation would form alongside an obligation to please the sitter. The same goes for paying for posing models. Removing money from the exchange returns humanity into the picture. Please also read this not-for-money post.

    How do you pay for this?

    I have a day-job to earn money. Engaging with people doesn't cost a thing. Contrary to wide-spread belief, Time is not Money.

    How long will you be doing this project for?

    I always say "a couple of years". I want this project to be free from the pressure of achieving a particular result. I do think we'll end up with an exhibition or publication, but I don't want the current practice preoccupied with presentation.

    Why is none of your portrait work on the website?

    This project focusses on printed portrait images. It takes a step back from immediate mass-circulation. All LIKED portraits were printed once only in 8 x 11 and have found a home with their new owners. Some sitters chose to scan the image again and put it online as their profile pictures; that's fine with me, but outside the scope of this project.

    Why are the portraits black & white?

    Why not?