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    Liked Homes

    As many of you know I email all participants after the shoot to thank you for taking part. Everybody who liked their portrait receives another email a few days later to ask for a snap of where the print is in this very moment. I call these 'Liked Homes' and they equally become part of the UNLIKENESS project.

    I'm excited to announce that I have now received my 100th 'Liked Home' picture and to celebrate I've shared my favourite one so far.

    If you have not sent me your 'Liked Home' picture yet, please do so as soon as you can. Just send it to me via email to

    Happy 2011 and my turn on SOTM

    I loved 2010. It was a happy year for me and saw the launch of unlikeness. In this respect I'm pleased to have met all 222 interesting people behind the portraits I took so far. Of those 222 were:

    • 169 (76%) Liked Portraits
    • 53 (24%) Unliked Portraits
    • 139 (63%) Portraits of female sitters
    • 79 (35%) Portraits of male sitters
    • 4 (2%) Portraits of couples


    Now also today, here's the result of my recent meeting with Mario from 'Someone Once Told Me'. We met at the old Fleapit with a new name (Brawn?!?) and chewed the fat for a good two hours. Then I took Mario's portrait (liked)  and he recorded a picture and a video of what someone once told me:

    And there's even a video! You can watch me mumbling along to explain why I chose "you're always choosing the bad ones" here.

    Nice start to another fabulous year. Happy New 2011!

    Congratulations, we're 100 already!

    Finishing with the last portrait yesterday, I've now taken & printed 100 portraits over only six shooting days! Here are some stats on how they panned out so far:

    • 70 portraits were LIKED
    • 30 portraits were UNLIKED
    • 67 sitters were female
    • 33 sitters were male
    • Women are twice as likely to UNLIKE their portrait then men

    Thank you to all first one hundred participants! On to meet the next hundred.