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    It's been a good few days since I blogged here. Unlikeness had a couple of nice shooting days in the meantime and everything is going swimmingly.

    What took my breath away yesterday was the following note someone passed me in a rush while I was engaged in a nice unlikeness chat with Camilla.

    The note is from someone I met on the last Saturday of July 2010 while I was out on Broadway market performing unlikeness. Back then Lucy appeared with her two friends and Jamie (who had his unlikeness portrait taken). At the end of Jamie's shoot Lucy told me about her cancer and her immanent move to Australia. This would be the last weekend they were all together. I took and printed a group shot. Lucy took it to Australia.

    Getting the note made my heart leap. I hope to catch up with Lucy soon to hear the whole story and take another portrait...

    Day Four

    Saturday was my fourth day in this project. As I'm working during the week, I only have the weekends to play with, hence Saturday is my favorite day for UNLIKENESS.

    For the third week running, I placed myself at the top end of Broadway Market on Westgate Street. Although it rained through the night, the morning stayed dry enough for masses of people to come out. I guess the music festival in London Fields also pulled people out of their Saturday Sofas.

    When I arrived, I was happy to find Dan & Luke set up next to me with their amazing Drums, Double-Bass & Double-Voice set-up right beside "my spot". They're  great guys and full of good spirit.

    Over the next three hours I had more wonderful people join project UNLIKENESS. Pavel kicked it off followed by Emma & Frida, Alex, Omer, Sam, Nancy, Hakima, Jane (x2), Chrystal, Larissa, Anna, Craig, Samira, Helge, Morwenna, Katharine and finally Mia. I had a bike repair specialists, a research fellow, stall owners, an engineer and most amazingly two doctors working in A&E who came separately, but once worked together. I'm quickly become a prime transmitter in the sixth degrees of separation theory!

    Obviously a massive thank you again to everyone who took part, no mater if you liked or unliked your portrait. Without your participation none of this would have happened.

    The day came to a close when the rain kicked back in and I had to hurry to rescue my printer & paper. Have a great week and leave a comment by clicking the link below :)