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    The whole story

    Every project has its lull points, where for a while nothing much is happening. So I just tentitavely looked at my blog here and noticed in shock that the previous post was MORE THEN TWO MONTHS ago! That's what happens when Facebook makes social blogging so simple...

    Anyway, something had to be done! So I swoooped on this image Thea took middle of September of our Unlikeness session in Columbia Road. I cut it into a square and in a strange way it tells the whole unlikeness story like an album cover:

    Right in the centre is the half-hidden blackboard, with the participation forms people use to fill out. Then there's the queue of people building up in the background, often hanging out for half an hour waiting for their turn. In the foreground you see me chatting with Sean who'll be in front of the lens next and then to the right is my battery-powered bicycle trolley. On top are some of the unliked portraits on display and my hero printer half-way through breathing life into Thea's portrait we did a few minutes earlier.

    So it's the whole story in one hit. Lovely, thanks Thea!


    Columbia Road session

    Unlikeness returned to Horatio Street, Columbia Road Flower Market today. Thanks to an exhausting week I only hit the little alleyway for lunchtime. Mind you it didn't take long until Xavier showed up and started off a great afternoon of portrait taking (and giving).
    Of the sixteen participants today five (!) were French and and two German. We talked about economies (true and false ones), Neighbourhood feuds, TV productions and about Photography projects in some depth.
    For the first time the 'unlikeness rate' went up to 50% with only eight of the sixteen taking their portrait home to pastures new.
    A grateful bow to today's participants: Xavier, Simi, Andy, Pia, Leticia, Mari Cruz, Amicie, Friedrich, Rachel, Pam, Malin, Caroline, Catherine, Clelia, Piani and Laura. The chats were awesome!

    Netil Market

    A summer's day at Netil market. Well relaxed with friends and artists, UNLIKENESS at Netil Market brought out amazing conversations about traveling the world, climbing, angels and elephants, loss and heritage, wine, TV shows and the intriguing art of location search. Of the twelve portraits five were unliked. Finally it was a great pleasure to meet the inventive photographer and artist Stephen Gill, a man of deep creative intuition and observer of the hidden.

    Unlikeness in Andrew's reflection

    A big cheers to Netil's lovely participants: Terry, Raae, Andrew, Titus, Sonia, Rhianna, Teri, Jo, Natalie, Sarah, Noah, Katy and Solomon. 

    A Happy Easter to all.

    Dalston Unlikeness

    Today's UNLIKENESS session took me to Dalston. A refreshingly mixed scene and community, down-to-earth, relaxed and jolly. Less then 10% of images were 'unliked' which either means the Dalston crowd was less self-critical or more expectant to 'get something' or I'm getting better at portraiture.

    As always, my heartfelt gratitude to all participants, that's Robb, Courtney, Elizabeth, Aamir, Cesar, Alex, Mr B, Carol, Catherine, Ellis, Paa, Nana, Frank, Lennie, Huseyin, Lucy, Steve, Eve, Andy, Abbey, Aishat, the Keemat family, Aden, Louise, Carla and Katy.


    Maybachufer is a straight weekly market. People came here with a focus to get fruits and veg; maybe a bread or some cloth.
    In two waves I was besieged in a frenzy by the attraction of 'free stuff'. I worked as fast as I could, but still had mums complaining that the pictures may be free, but too slow. It was much harder to get the project message across.

    Unlikeness in Turkish

    Between the frenzies there was still time to discuss photography, education, religion and neuroscience. I heartfelt THANK YOU to all participants of Friday: That's Lena, Ahmed, Melissa, Ali, Emirhan, Elif, Kezban, Heike, Philippe, Juan, Zerrin, Ela, Mina, Henning, Mr. Yarcan, Leonora, Vesire, Hashim, Açelya, Aysel, Lydia, Maureen, Alex, Günsel, Cornelia Iman, Omar, Gabriele, Anja, Zacharias and Sara.