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    Time is not Money

    We’ve all internalised it: “Time is Money”. Most our value equations go unquestioned. You pay, I serve. You serve, I pay. Payment for time. We argue about 'how much?', but never about 'why?'

    Living in a service based economy amplifies this view. The services industry in the UK grew from 63% in 1992 to 73% in 2008 while UK manufacturing shrunk from 26% to 16% over the same period. Like human parking meters we feel more and more that our time is valuable in money terms. We upgrade our rates as we progress through careers.

    The paying party in a service exchange represents demand; demand is supposed to be a good thing. But how much does demand in the form money shape our service? What would a service be like if no money is exchanged? Granted, we all need money to live, but how much has the colour of money dyed our human relationships outside of paid labour?

    In photography, demand in the form of money creates an imperative to please. The recorded likeness must please the paying customer. Or more precisely, must please the preconditioned expectation of the paying customer.

    The resulting photographs are tested against this idea of ourself and the fact that we paid for it, gives us the right to demand a certain outcome. Even if this outcome surprises us, it has to surprise us in a pleasant (pleasing) way.

    So where is the value in UNLIKENESS, a not-for-money project? The value is in Free interaction. That's Free with a capital 'F' rather then free as a synonym for zero pence. 

    funproject meets unlikeness

    Six weeks ago, Isaac came to our unlikeness session on Broadway Market. Isaac believes that Fun is one of the most crucial elements in maintaining a positive lifestyle. Isaac and Àlex have put this fun video together:

    I'm well chuffed and grateful for all the energy Isaac and the funproject team have poured into this clip.

    From the website:

    Smiling and laughing not only improves our feelings and moods, but also reduces stress and strengthens our immune system.

    Fun is also a highly contagious social activity, and when experienced with others, it can have direct benefits on those around you and bring you closer together.

    Funproject promotes a world where people develop an open, optimistic and joyful attitude about life. Through this fun attitude, social ties are strengthened and cultures become more connected, as people are able to remain creative, spontaneous and interactive.

    Someone once told me

    I had lunch today with a friend who told me about Mario Cacciottolo's Someone Once Told Me Project. Since 2006 Mario takes black and white pictures of people who hold up a large piece of paper, upon which they write something that someone once told them. Here's a video of his work:

    Amazing project.