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    The whole story

    Every project has its lull points, where for a while nothing much is happening. So I just tentitavely looked at my blog here and noticed in shock that the previous post was MORE THEN TWO MONTHS ago! That's what happens when Facebook makes social blogging so simple...

    Anyway, something had to be done! So I swoooped on this image Thea took middle of September of our Unlikeness session in Columbia Road. I cut it into a square and in a strange way it tells the whole unlikeness story like an album cover:

    Right in the centre is the half-hidden blackboard, with the participation forms people use to fill out. Then there's the queue of people building up in the background, often hanging out for half an hour waiting for their turn. In the foreground you see me chatting with Sean who'll be in front of the lens next and then to the right is my battery-powered bicycle trolley. On top are some of the unliked portraits on display and my hero printer half-way through breathing life into Thea's portrait we did a few minutes earlier.

    So it's the whole story in one hit. Lovely, thanks Thea!


    Columbia Road session

    Unlikeness returned to Horatio Street, Columbia Road Flower Market today. Thanks to an exhausting week I only hit the little alleyway for lunchtime. Mind you it didn't take long until Xavier showed up and started off a great afternoon of portrait taking (and giving).
    Of the sixteen participants today five (!) were French and and two German. We talked about economies (true and false ones), Neighbourhood feuds, TV productions and about Photography projects in some depth.
    For the first time the 'unlikeness rate' went up to 50% with only eight of the sixteen taking their portrait home to pastures new.
    A grateful bow to today's participants: Xavier, Simi, Andy, Pia, Leticia, Mari Cruz, Amicie, Friedrich, Rachel, Pam, Malin, Caroline, Catherine, Clelia, Piani and Laura. The chats were awesome!

    SOTM meets unlikeness

    I spent a lovely afternoon with Mario from Someone Once Told Me (SOTM). Maro started his project in 2006 and has built up an amazing catalogue of over a thousand images, posting one new photograph every day. I blogged earlier about it including a video here.

    Today we met and took photographs of each other.

    As it turns out we have a number of friends in common and I look forward to meeting Mario again soon. I'll also blog again, once my SOTM goes up.

    Eyes Closed II

    Over at Columbia Road Market today the response was fabulous. The "Eyes Closed" concept did still pull the crowds and again I had sitters queuing up for 30 minutes to take part. I had a slightly higher 'liking' rate where 18 out of 24 people liked their eyes-closed portraits and took it home to pastures new.

    I did find a great spot right in the heart of it and was glad to bump into some familiar faces during my hours there. The clean-up trucks came and went by the time I was ready to pack up my things and have someone take a snap of my own eyes-closed experience:

    Sunday with flowers

    Today I set-up at Columbia Road flower market. I was again not really early enough there, but enjoyed the couple of hours I spent with everyone. Here's a picture of my set.

    A big thanks again today to everyone who participated: Ben, Frances, Krunal, India-Ines, Allegra, Lucy, David, Zenobia, Donna, Doreen and li'l Taylas. You all brought so much joy and interest with you that made the time fly. I took eleven portraits today and had seven liked and four unliked.

    A couple of you suspected that I pick "the bad ones" on purpose when I briefly screen them before the print. Not so. Believe me, it makes me so very happy when you like a picture, take it home and cherrish it. It' so fascinating how we all have the same experience when looking at oursleves in a photograph. "That's not me!"

    A massive Cheers also to Allegra's sister for the free designer cupcake. Yummy!

    Finally a special shout to Shiu Kay Kan and his Soho lighting shop. Shiu Kan loved the project concept and took particular interest in my bike trailer :)